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The Sons of God, a collection of research material related to the Watchers - archived locally
"The Anakim may have been Mycenaean Greek colonists, belonging to the 'Sea Peoples' confederation which caused Egypt such trouble in the fourteenth century B.C. Greek mythographers told of a Giant Anax ('king'), son of Heaven and Mother Earth, who ruled Anactoria (Miletus) in Asia Minor. According to Appollodorus, the disinterred skeleton of Asterius ('starry'), Anax's successor, measured ten cubits. Akakes, the plural of Nanx, was an epithet of the Greek gods in general. Talmudic commentators characteristically make the Anakim three thousand cubits tall."

"The Nephilim or 'Giants,'" from Appendix 25 of the Companion Bible
"The progeny of the fallen angels with the daughters of Adam (see notes on Genesis 6, and Appendix 23 are called in Genesis 6, N e-phil?-im, which means fallen ones (from naphal, to fall)."

"The Sons of God," from Appendix 23 of the Companion Bible
"The time of their fall is given as having taken place 'in the days of Noah' (1Peter 3:20. 2Peter 2:7), though there may have been a prior fall which caused the end of 'the world that then was' (Genesis 1:1,2. 2Peter 3:6)."

"From the Ashes of Angels," by Andrew Collins
"Originating in Egypt where they introduced the first ever forms of proto agriculture and left vast Cyclopean monuments and ruins, they migrated to the near East to escape the cataclysms that accompanied the end of the Ice Age. Among their greatest achievements was the creation of the Sphinx."

A preview of Collins' "From the Ashes of Angels"
"And there appeared to me two men very tall, such as I have never seen on earth. And their faces shone like the sun, and their eyes were like burning lamps; and fire came forth from their lips. Their dress had the appearance of feathers:... [purple], their wings were brighter than gold; their hands whiter than snow. They stood at the head of my bed and called me by my name."

Collins' essay on the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls' "Angel Scroll"
"By all accounts, the text describes a 'tour of the heavens' undertaken by its author in the company of an angel named Penimea', who is unquestionably the Watcher Penemue of the Book of Enoch (Enoch I, compiled c. 165 BC-AD 100)."

"Paradise Lost," by John Milton
"Not in the neighbouring Moon, as some have dream'd;
Those argent Fields more likely habitants,
Translated Saints, or middle Spirits hold
Betwixt th'Angelical and Human kind:
Hither of ill-join'd Sons and Daughters born
From the ancient World these Giants came
With many a vain exploit, though then renown'd:
The builders next of Babel on the Plain..."

"Stalking Tender Prey," "Scenting Hallowed Blood," and "Stealing Sacred Fire," by Storm Constantine
"When Peverel Othman arived in Little Moor he was looking for something or someone, he really was not sure which. When he found the twins he knew his search was over. For Lily and Owen their lives would be forever changed. The quiet hamlet of Little Moor just became the new home of a Grigori."

Shemyaza, Saint or Sinner, by Pixi
"We find Shemyaza facing the ultimate test, that of coming face to face with the diversities inherent in his own nature. As the negative aspects of each sphere rise up before him, he momentarily becomes the vice of that sphere, yet failing to set and crystallize in his essential self, they pass quickly through him and out of him."

"Nephilim Reborn: Zoon" by Beth Winegarner
"To me it's a very special album. I had to make massive sacrifices to be able to do this. And so it's very special to me, but to literally explain what it means to me is a very odd thing to translate, cause it normally comes across looking cheap. It's all there on the album, the feelings, the thoughts, the words, the music."

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