Images of Shemyaza

Shemyaza     Shemyaza
In this bas-relief (above, right) from Scotland's Rosslyn Chapel, some people say Shemyaza is depicted being carried to his punishment, blindfolded with a noose around his neck. Predictably, others say it's Lucifer. Above, left; cover art from one of Storm Constantine's books in the Grigori trilogy, showing Shemyaza in his feathered cloak.

"Shemyaza regarded her contemplatively for a few moments. Light ripplied over the skin of her bare arms as if from the reflection of water, but there was no water nearby. He did not want to think deeply or argue with her, but he could not agree with all she said. 'Ishtahar, perhaps you are right in saying that our sacrifice changed the future of the world, but you are wrong in saying that we would have had a small, meaningless life together. Our union was destined to create greater changes, to enable humanity to challenge the power of the Anannage. We were stopped, but perhaps now we have been given another chance.'...

"'I cannot believe you can deceive yourself so much!' she cried. 'What is this talk of changing humanity's destiny? You wanted only to sample the mysteries of the earth through me, and turned your back on your people! I was the one who was aware of our potential, not you! You were only interested in gratifying your desires!'...

Shemyaza opened his mouth to interrupt, but Ishtahar silenced him with a shout. "'No! Just listen to me! You still have many lessons to learn before what we created all that time ago can be fully reawakened, and we can be together again. Through our bonding, humanity's destiny was sealed. You can't change what has happened, but only go forward."
- Storm Constantine