The Origin of Some Oraibi Clans

In underworld people live in same manner as here. The Chief of the Bear clan gets angry at wife for often dancing in the Butterfly dance. The Chief sends Po'okong and his brother in search of another world. They find an opening above, which Po'okong reaches by means of a reed. Chief leaves his wife dancing, and accompanied by Po'okong and his brother, Spider clan chief, and many people, they start and go out. Bear chief closes the opening behind them.

It is dark, and the chief sends eagle to hunt for light. Eagle finds it hot, but he makes it lighter. Buzzard then goes and is burned, but makes it lighter. Bear clan and Spider clan go in different directions. Spider clan travels north following the chief.

They come to a cold country where North Old Man lives. They plant corn, etc. Chief has a cult and an altar of Blue Flutes. When corn grows he puts up his altar, sings and plays the flutes. When ears of corn develop, the cold destroys the crop. This occurs four years in succession, and the people start south after the Bear people.

The Chief's wife bathes and collects scales rubbed from her skin. The Chief wraps them in a reed receptacle, sings over them, covers them four times, and they become burros. They repeat the performance and Spaniards come out. The Chief tells them to put their things on burros and follow the Bear clan and kill them.

The Castilians go south. The Spider people go southeast, and stop at ten different places. They finally arrive where the sun rises and Americans live. They stay three years and then follow the Bear clan westward. At Oraibi they join the Bear clan, whose chief is Machito, and who have A'ototo and Aholi Katcinas. The Bear clan goes south with A'ototo Katcina and are joined by Young Coin Ear people who have an Aholi Katcina.

They stop ten times before arriving at the Americas where sun rises. Here they stop four years. Land is scarce and they go west. Americans say if anybody is bad they will come and cut their heads off.

They finally arrive at Shongopavi and settle down. The People accuse chief Machito of greediness, and he leaves them with A'ototo and Aholi. Hunters find them and want them to go back, but they refuse. Machito, with a stone, makes a landmark between Oraibi and Shongopavi. Machito and two Katcinas go up the Oraibi mesa.

Later the Spider people arrive, and Machito asks about their wanderings. He says they may live there, but they are to watch the sun for the Soyal ceremony and to make his kind of puhtavi.

Among the Spider clan is the Lizard clan, who have a Marau cult, They are permitted to stay, but are to co-operate in the Soyal ceremony. Other clans that come are Rattle Snake, Badger, Butterfly, and Divided Spring. Divided Spring and Blue Flutes have a corn contest, in which the latter win.