India: Garuda

Garuda bearing Vishnu.

According to Windows to the Universe, "In Vedic mythology, Garuda is the king of birds and the enemy of serpents. His body was that of a handsome man with the beak and the talons of a predatory bird. He is associated with the all-consuming sun's rays. Garuda is often depicted with the supreme Hindu god Vishnu and his wife Lakshmi riding on his back flying across the sky." The Hindus considered Garuda a healer who, among other things, could remove the venom from snakebites. These abilities have earned him comparisons to the Persian Simurgh. reports that the Garuda was created from a portion of the cosmic egg, which would make him a kind of creation of the Peacock Angel. He is said to be able to fly from one end of the Universe to the other (handy, considering he is a Hindu god's steed), and that he can eat poisonous snakes.

Garuda is the mascot of Indonesia Airlines, and can be seen on amulets and in carvings in Southeast Asia.